permanently change your eye color with safe laser new lumineyes technique

What is eye color change strategy with laser and MY Lumineyes technique?

My Lumineyes is a Lumineyes technique that is connected by and by. In a word, with this strategy, the laser invigorates the darker or dull pigmented cells in iris and after that the dim pigmented layer falls off. It keeps up this layer of cell who is situated in the substratum and who gives the shade of blue-green-dim hazel to the eye despite the fact that it is drab gone to the front line. This is a method of modifying the shade of the patients who has heterochromia or who has an alternate tone of shading in the eye.Now it is being used with MY®Lumineyes  for stylish application who needs to change unique eye shading to blue-green-hazel or dark.

******Now the main protected and proficient technique in world is MY®Lumineyes ,and the just safe procedure takes a shot at stylish patients is MY®Lumineyes .

For what reason MY Lumineyes is utilized?

MY Lumineyes technique is created for the treatment of the patients who have takes a shot at normal individuals for stylish applications.

How the technique for MY Lumineyes was found? Are there any specialists and focuses who complete this technique?

My Lumineyes is a Lumineyes strategy that is connected by and by. It was produced by Op. Dr. Mustafa Mete who worked in European nations, Azerbaijan and Gulf nations for a long time… Unlike Classic Lumineye strategy, increasingly powerful, progressively secure and increasingly controlled technique is produced with its own component (laser rates, technique, diverse wave estimate, selectivity and so on.). The achievement rate can reach up to %99 by and large.

What is Classic Lumineyes technique? What is the contrast between Classic Lumineyes and Mylumineyes?

While examines build up the treatment routes for the patients who have diverse hues on their eyes (heterochromia), a few investigations were begun to be completed on the laser who has an uncommon wave size and who has an alternate system of activity. All of the long haul development and updates as indicated by this brought about the present techniques’ having created.

Lumineyes strategy was found by an American scientist in 2011, despite everything he completes his investigations commonly with an exploration focus. Great Lumineyes is utilized in nations like 3.rd nations Panama,mexico,spain and so on. It has burdens dissimilar to Mylumineyes.unfortunately it is still being worked on of American study,but still they cant accomplishment to change the shading securely and effectively….

we don’t offer traditional lumineyes utilized by some clinics,still it has increasingly symptoms and proficiency problems..!!

Is MY Lumineyes pertinent for everybody?

This technique can change the eye shade of the general population who have distinctive tones of shading in their eyes and additionally who have heterochromia into the shade of green, dark, hazel or blue,and for tasteful apliacation. The general population who are not reasonable for this method are characterized after examination. In the event that you are not reasonable for this technique you can’t have the activity.

To what extent does eye shading change task with MY Lumineyes last?

This laser activity keeps going forever. You can’t recover this activity.

I had laser previously, would i be able to have eye shading change activity with MY Lumineyes?

You can have the activity under some unique conditions. Your specialist will decide the impediments amid nitty gritty examination.

I have myope-hypermetrope-astigmatic-presbyopia issue, am I reasonable for eye shading change task?

Truly you can have the task, in the event that you wish our specialist can treat these illnesses previously or after eye shading change activity.

I live abroad, I might want to change my eye shading, to what extent do I need to remain in Turkey?

for Regular patients You have to remain in Turkey for 7 days for eye shading change operation.for Dark eyes  need more opportunity to remain or match the time ,in examination specialist will make a treatment program for you,this is for more success,safety, and productivity.

Critical cautioning :  Eye emptying channels has a constrained limit , stacking too much  pigmentation on diverts in brief time will result medical issue on your eyes…

doing eye shading change methodology in short time,will cause glaucoma,iridocyclitis and iris decay issues!!! we watched numerous patients had a similar issue in some clinics,so please focus about this subject for your eye wellbeing!!!

**** MY®Lumineyes  is under trademark brand of us.Every laser isn’t MY®Lumineyes !!!

What is the likelihood of eye shading’s evolving?

In the event that we have to think about each shade, the shade of the eye change with the likelihood of %99.

On the off chance that my eyes are blue or green would i be able to have the activity?

Truly !it tends to be improved the situation the patients whose eyes’ shading should be whitened.we had much involvement about this sort of patients.

What is the age go for MY Lumineyes strategy?

My Lumineyes should be possible for the general population who are matured between 18 – 45.

What would it be a good idea for me to improve the situation arrangement before MY Lumineyes?

There is no requirement for starter planning. The specialist will put forth the important expression after examination.

Who isn’t appropriate for MY Lumineyes?

1- People who have uncontrolled diabetes

2-Close and open rakish glaucoma (patients who have eye weight)

3- People who have iridocyclitis-uveit

4- People who have extraordinary ailment

5- People who are brought into the world with a nonappearance of iris

6- People who have shaded eyes (moderately)

7-People who have obscure fundamental illness

8- People who have elevated standards

9- People who have particularly provocative gut illness or comparative foundational sickness

10- Patients who are psychoscially instable

11-Patients who utilize exceptional prescription that leave affidavit in the eye

How is MY Lumineyes connected?

MY®Lumineyes the eye structure, attributes, iris structure, eye wellbeing, color structure by breaking down the guide is made and customized treatment program is applied.These must be completely to ensure the eye wellbeing.

This task is done with another laser whose recurrence and wave estimate are produced in an unexpected way, who makes an impact that is on a tiny dimension and who does not hurt the ophthalmic.

After the examination comfort, after numerous components are assessed by your specialist, and after extraordinary eye salves and planning, laser shots are made to exceptional cell region to the two eyes for 1 minutes by utilizing an individual technique. An individual program is made for sessions by changing the recurrence of sessions, their span, their wave measure and their vitality relying on a few conditions.

How protected is MY Lumineyes or Classic Lumineyes, are there any dangers?

This laser strategy is just by opthalmology authority specialist/optalmolog/eye illness pro whose careful administration and experience are at abnormal state and who have numerous encounters in this field. Until further notice, this technique is made with an extraordinary laser gadget in a few focuses in the world.The most current innovation is MY®Lumineyes 8G laser is dynamic in MY®Lumineyes  Eye Center.

Long haul results demonstrate that MY®Lumineyes technique is protected and our experts complete this strategy effectively. This strategy that we have recently created is progressively secure, increasingly powerful and issue free not at all like Classic Lumineyes.

***Eye shading change system made by unapproved and unpracticed focuses can result in perpetual eye issues later on.!!

***Do a starter examination for false doctors, centers, organizations that don’t have a location, and organizations and fake facilities that you have not known about !!!! Wellbeing isn’t joke!when you lost you cannot get it back with cash!

Do I feel any torment or distress amid MY Lumineyes? When will I have the capacity to return to work?

You don’t feel anything anticipate a small tricky inclination amid laser, you won’t feel awkward. After the laser application the patient can turn her/his day by day life. For the most part, there are no huge changes when laser in your life, what’s more, it is prescribe for you to avoid extraordinary action.

To what extent does it take to finish MY Lumineyes? When will I get the outcomes?

MY®Lumineyes works just on melanin pigments,we can complete effectively all the region of eyes in 30 minutes however this will cause eye wellbeing problems!!!because of this risc we are making diverse program for every patient.

eye life systems , eyes emptying channels has a constrained ability to empty the spilled shades , stacking excessively work or pigmentation on directs in brief time will result disappointment on chanels,this will cause huge medical issue on eyes…! doing eye shading change strategy in brief time and quicker will cause glaucoma,iridocyclitis and iris decay issues!!! we watched numerous patients had a similar issue in some clinics,so please focus about this subject for your eye wellbeing!!!

MY Lumineyes endures between 7 sessions. You can just have 1 session in 1 day. For the most part the strategy finishes following 7 session days. After 2-4 sessions the tint changes, in the principal month you can see the change obviously and in the third month the last tone comes up.

What shading will my eyes be? Would i be able to pick the shading?

NO!! this decision isn’t possible previously. It isn’t realized which shading your eye will be after the strategy!

MY Lumineyes strategy animates the cells that give the shade of dark brown to iris in our understudies and after the dull hued cells falls and normally the shades of blue, hazel, dim and green that exist in your hereditary develop. As such, it is your shade cells laying beneath that characterize the shading, accordingly, it isn’t realized which shading will your eyes be before laser.

(**it isn’t sure, in any case, our perceptions demonstrate that eyes who comprise of dull darker, extreme shade have the capability of transforming into progressively dim or hazel, eyes who have dim green, light shading color have the capability of transforming into blue or green.)

Shading change in the eye fluctuates relying on the obstruction that present hued pigm